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Choose from several delectable dishes at our in house restaurant Pratha, or how about spending a couple of hours sipping on your favorite drink at our in-house Bar, Boond. The comfortable and luxurious ambiance at both our establishments is sure to relax as well as rejuvenate you.


The restaurant seats around 60 guests, and offers a grand view of the Sitabani Mountains. The décor is faintly reminiscent of the wilderness of the jungle, with a generous splash of luxury furnishings and fixtures. Try out the Middle Eastern and Italian choices we have, and enjoy the soothing instrumental music playing over the speakers

Pratha - Corbett Restaurants
Pratha Restaurants in Jim Corbett


The Bar seats around 25 guests, and offers a breathtaking view of the sunlight playfully sparkling on the calm waters of the Kosi River. Enjoy sports on the LCD television, or chill out to recorded music playing over the speakers.