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If you don’t want to venture outside and would rather indulge in indoor activities, our wide range of indoor games is certainly for you. Show off your carefully practiced skills with a game of pool at the pool table, get your brains at work and play the game of Chess, take the queen away in a game of Carom or try your luck with Tambola. You can enjoy these interesting games with your friends and family and spend some quality time together.

Pool Table

Whether you are the master of angles and speed or just a beginner, the pool table at Namah is a cool place to hang out with your friends and family and make a statement with the stroke of stick.


Chess is considered to be the greatest strategy game of all times. Spend some quite time and play this mind game of moves, plans and forecasts.

Carom Board

Do you remember flicking carom board coins into the board holes as a child? It’s time to relive and rejoice those memories with your children and friends at Namah. Come, let’s try to steal the queen once more!

Video Games

The new generation is literally growing up on video games. To allure the attention of young kids and teenagers, we offer a wide range of video games. However, young and old both are equally welcome to try these virtual games and enjoy some carefree time.


We have got everything ready for an interesting afternoon. Are you ready to try your luck and win some exclusive gifts by playing Tambola! For the uninitiated, Tambola is played with numbers (1-90) being called out by 1 person/caller and players striking out those numbers on their Tickets. Those who are lucky enough to cross out all the numbers faster than the other is the winner.

Cookery Classes

Here’s your chance to learn something new and useful during your hiatus at Namah from our master chefs. Whether you want to learn new recipes or hone your culinary expertise; our exclusive Cookery Class is absolutely perfect for you.


Explore the verdant forest and wander around inhaling the fresh air or indulge in bird watching. However, if you are seeking more adventure, go for Jungle Safaris, Elephant Safaris or across the lush landscape of Corbett National Park and observe wild animals from close. You can also get an adrenaline rush on a rafting trip along the rapids of the river Kosi.

Jungle Safari

If you want to swap the humdrum of everyday existence with something exciting and take shelter in the lap of nature, then take a trip to the enchanting jungle- Corbett National Park. We take you closer to the bounty of nature by arranging Jungle Safaris. The exciting venture is organized by wildlife professionals who have garnered expertise in the field of conducting wildlife tours.

Namah arranges Jungle Safari in Jeeps either in morning (0630-1030Hrs) or afternoon (1330-1800Hrs) on chargeable basis. One Jeep can accommodate six people plus one driver and one guide.

Please Note: Safari Availability is fully controlled by the Forest Department. We advise you to check the availability well in advance.

Jeep Safari at Corbett National Park

Elephant Riding

Nothing can beat the experience of sitting on the biggest tamed animal- elephants, and observing the exotic flora and fauna of the Corbett National Park.

Namah provides two-hour elephant rides across the forests of Corbett Landscape. The elephant can accommodate up to four persons. One of the most sure-footed animals, elephants can cross forest streams and rivers and take you through the grassland and forest. You can enjoy your time confidently as a spectator, riding high on elephant back through pristine water bodies and the tall grass.

Elephant Safari In Corbett National Park